Credit Check Disclosure

Yes Munee does not make any credit decisions. The lenders we work with may perform credit checks so that they can determine your credit worthiness, credit capacity, or credit standing. Such credit checks may be undertaken by these credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Trans Union, Experian. By submitting your application with Yes Munee, you agree to allowing our lenders to verify your personal information, and checking your credit rating. Please be conscious of the fact that if you miss a payment, or make a late payment, this can have a negative affect on your credit score.

Lender Network Disclosure

Yes Munee is a 100% free, and no obligation loan brokering service. We connect consumers who want to borrow money, with a large panel of lenders who could be willing to lend to them. We are not a lender ourselves, and we do not provide funds, have any influence in any loan approval, or make any lending decision. Every lender in our network has different and unique criteria for offering a personal loan, and each has different terms and conditions, including fees and rates. When we present you with a lender’s offer, that lender is providing you with a no obligation loan proposition. You should read their proposition and associated terms carefully before finalising your application with the lender. Yes Munee’s bespoke financial technology allows our customers to reach a large network of lenders who fit your personal borrowing requirements via one fast, simple search.

State Availability Disclosure

Not all lenders in our network operate in all US states. Due to different state legislation, residents in some states may not be eligible for a personal loan product.

Truth in Lending Policy

We only work with lenders who strictly adhere to the Truth in Lending Act. Our lenders will always provide transparent loan offers as best practise, and as required by federal law.

It is essential that you fully read all terms and conditions provided by your lender, including any paperwork that you may receive. Be sure to understand the total cost of your loan, and your offered APR and charges. Remember, you are under no obligation to commit to any loan offer that we find for you, and you should only proceed if you are completely happy.