Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a loan?

Applying couldn't be easier! Our whole process is online, and is just one simple form, that should take no more than 2 minutes to complete. Simply click the apply button on the menu at the top right of any page, and complete our form.

If we find you a willing lender, we will redirect you to their personalised loan application page. At this point, you have not finalised your loan, as you need to read the lender's loan terms carefully, so are free to accept, or reject the offer.

The qualification to use our service is very flexible. The only conditions you need to meet are that you must be over 18 and a resident of the United States with a permanent address, have a regular income and hold a checking account.

Am I Eligible?

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a U.S. citizen. A valid US citizen with either a valid driving license or Social Security Number
  • Have a valid checking account. Earn a minimum equivalent to a monthly salary of $1000
  • You must not currently be a debtor in a bankruptcy case or presently intend to voluntarily file for bankruptcy relief..

Do you provide the loans?

We are not a direct lender,loan broker, lender, financial institution or an agent of a loan broker or lender. As such, we allow our customers to make one simple, free, no obligation enquiry for a loan. he operator of this Website does not in any way get involved in a lender’s decision-making process, is not involved in the loan approval process and does not make loans. This Website provides a no obligation, free of charge service introducing prospective borrowers to prospective lenders who offer Loans. This Website purely provides a facility for prospective borrowers looking for loans with the possibly to connect with lenders who can provide those loans./p>

What is the difference between a representative APR, and an APR?

Put simply, APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It is a term used to denote the amount of interest paid on a loan, every year.

A representative APR is used to highlight what a customer may be charged as an APR. As APRs vary from lender to lender, depending on many factors of a customer, this helps to get an understanding of the average, or most common APR offered. The representative APR used with Yes Munee is one that we expect most customers to be offered, based on the average APR of the lenders we work with.

Is there much paperwork if I am offered a loan?

Often there is no additional paperwork required to finalise your loan, however this is purely dependent on the lender, and may be required for security purposes.

I have a bad credit score, can I still apply?

Of course you can. In fact, we work with many lenders that specialise in bad credit loans. There are risks associated with lending to customers with a less than perfect credit history, and this may result in a higher APR being offered, but this is down to each lender's discretion.

With a variety of specialist lenders in our panel, we are confident of finding you the right loan.

Do you charge fees?

Absolutely not - our service is 100% FREE, and always will be. What's more is that an application through Yes Munee comes with no obligation to commit to your loan proposition - you are free to walk away once we have redirected you to a willing lender.

We receive a small commission from the lenders, in order to reinvest in our systems, to further enhance our customers' experience. This in no way affects the APR offered by the lender.

Do I contact you if I have a problem with my loan?

Once we have redirected your web page to a lender's application, you are free to accept or reject that lender's proposition. Should you accept, then you cease a relationship with Yes Munee, and commence a relationship with your lender. As such, any issues with your loan should be taken up with your lender. If you have any complaint or comment to make about Yes Munee's process to get you on to the lender's website, please see our contact page for information on how to get in touch with us.

Why do you need my bank details?

We need to take all the information as if we were a lender, as without this information, we could not find our customers a loan. Bank details are essential not only for identification purposes, but more importantly, so the lenders know where to send the funds.

What if I struggle to make my repayments?

Every lender must have a responsible lending policy. As such, they must have controls to ensure they don't lend to customers who they think may not be able to repay the loan. In this policy, it should outline how to contact your lender in the event that you are struggling financially.

Please ensure before confirming your loan that you are comfortable with the repayment terms. If, despite best efforts, you find yourself unable to repay, then it is always essential to contact your lender and explain your situation. They will have methods available to you in order to help get your loan paid off.

Is my credit rating affected?

As with all lending options, a record is kept on your credit report. Therefore, any missed payments will appear on your credit report, and negatively affect your credit score.

Of course, with every repayment met, a positive record will be made on your credit report. Therefore it is possible to actually improve your credit score if you meet every payment, and fully pay-off your loan.

How do I make a payment?

Repaying is even easier than applying. Repayment methods vary from lender to lender, but are usually in the form of a direct debit - the agreed monthly payment being taken automatically taken from your nominated bank account, on the agreed date.

If I am accepted for a loan, when will I receive the money?

This is a question for your lender, as transfer times vary from lender to lender. The time taken to receive your funds will depend also on whether or not your lender needs more information from you.

What does it cost to get my loan?

Our application process at is free to use. The only fees and charges you may incur are directly from your matched lender, and will be made clear in your documentation.

Can I take out more than one installment loan?

Installment loans are agreed on the basis of affordability, and it is not advised to take out more than one loan at a time.

Can I extend my cash loan?

Most lenders will accept an extension of your cash loan. Please make sure that the interest rates and fees don’t change as a result of this. If you feel that you may receive a better deal by using a different lender then please revisit and we will search our network for you. Please ensure that you can afford your repayments, and if you are struggling with a debt problem, please seek alternative help.

What if I can’t meet my repayment?

In all instances of dispute, or should you not be able to make repayment, please contact your individual lender as soon as possible. We only partner with reputable, professional lenders, and there is no need to worry, as you should be able to find a solution that suits both parties. It is always best to deal with such situations, as late or non-payments will invariably result in additional charges and penalties.

What if I have adverse credit or am in bankruptcy?

If you have been declared bankrupt, then unfortunately you will not be able to obtain further credit. If you have previously been declared bankrupt, but are no longer classed as such, then you are free to apply. Your current credit rating generally is not considered due to the short-term nature of the loan, and the fact that it is solely based on your current affordability.

Disclaimer: This service is FREE to users through YesMunee. YesMunee does not lend to users. Based on the information provided by users, YesMunee searches its database of lenders it works with to connect consumers with the lender and loan best suited to their wishes. Not all lenders can provide up to $5,000. Consumers, who qualify with a lender, can be offered loans with APRs below 36% and have payment terms ranging from 61 days to 60 months, or more.

Cash transfer times may vary between lenders and may depend on your individual financial institution. For details, questions or concerns regarding your loan, please contact your lender directly. All terms, including fees and rate, must be revealed to consumers by their lender once they have been approved. Once you have submitted your registration form, you will be sent to an e-signature page made available to you by the lender to which you were connected. Along with the e-signature field, the page will include information pertaining to the fees and rate of your specific loan. Borrowers are required to review the fee and rate material made available by their lender thoroughly and in its entirety before agreeing to the loan. Users are not obligated to accept the loan. If the consumer determines that the terms of the loan are agreeable wants to continue with the loan process, the consumer may fill out the e-signature page. After this is one, the consumer has entered into a legally binding contract with the lender and not YesMunee and must assume all the costs detailed in the contract. The lender determines all fees and rates based on the information provided in the registration form. is not involved in determining these fees and rates.

Upon acceptance of the loan offer and entry into an agreement with the lender, the lender will aim to transfer the cash within 24 hours. Clearance of the funds is dependent on whether your bank accepts faster payments

If your loan is approved, funds may be cleared and in your account within the hour if you apply before 3pm, Monday to Friday. If you apply after 3pm, then this will be the next working day.